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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Two Variations on a Romanian Folk Dance: Hora Fetelor

If you like to listen to panpipes and watch female dancers this post is for you.

Today's dance is Hora Fetelor from Romania.  It means Women's Dance (although in recreational folk dance men as well as women do it).  It is usually an equal opportunity dance, although during performances (like the videos below), women are the preferred gender.

How these young ladies manage to keep their balance while dancing in high heels, I don't know. I give them points for being able to do that with such grace.

Version one is popular in the Western Hemisphere and with recreational folk dance groups. These young ladies are from Ottawa, Canada.

This is Hora Fetelor distilled and refined, Romanian style; very beautifully done; danced slowly and gracefully with large white handkerchiefs.  The panpipe music accentuates the performance; it is the national instrument of Romania, where it is called the nai. This is a treat for the eyes and ears.

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