Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Kolo Weddings

Your wedding can be the most memorable day and night of your life...or just another party.
Steven Crowder

What makes wedding celebrations so much fun is the dancing. Today's post features some spirited dancing at two Serbian weddings.

Video #1 is a basic version of the dance we know as U Sest or Uzicko Kolo. It's long (over five minutes) and energetic (young people in the line). The bride is second in the line and my guess is that the groom is the leader.  I love the energy and the shouting; the dancers are having a great time!

Video #2 is a group in traditional Serbian elaborate embroidered costumes performing a medley of dances at the wedding of Jelena and Dragan: U Sest, Makazice, Moravac (similar to U Sest), and Cacak. There were two other dances as well, one that I recognized but I didn't know the name, and the other was not familiar. Readers, if you know what they are, please post the names in the comments section.

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