Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Thracian Dances at Bulgarian Wedding

Never give a sword to a man who can't dance.

The video below is a group of Thracian dances performed at a Bulgarian wedding.  The music is from the folklore region of Thrace.

The dances (in order) are Trite Puti, Pravo Horo (with attitude), and Bucimis, Notice that the choreography is different from what we do at recreational folk dances in North America.  It starts with a mixed line for Triti Puti. During the Pravo (at 1:47) the guys dance in separate line from the women.  Traditionally, men in Bulgaria dance as a way to flirt with women and demonstrate how macho they are.

At 3:28 the women form a separate line for Bucimis, so they get a chance to show off, too. At 4:03 it becomes a mixed line (with the bride somewhere in the middle).  At 4:39, the guys form a separate line for Bucimis, and all hell breaks loose.

This is a fun video to watch.  I would love to go to a Bulgarian wedding!

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