Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Dance Name Malapropisms, Part Two

“I think he’s suffering from a nervous shakedown.”
Stan Laurel

Today's post is about a piece we used for the final dance recently. One of the people there pronounced it "Hora of Misery."

 Hora Miresei, from Romania, was actually a dance for the bride and her family, done after the wedding before she leaves with her new husband. Maybe that's what the "misery" is about. Can you imagine how maudlin they were about the bride moving to another village, to live with her new family?  If there is booze involved, and there usually is, mourning her loss is even harder!

Nervous breakdowns (or "shakedowns") are common before, during and after weddings.  The drinking and the dancing help by alleviating some of the stress. After the wedding is when reality sets in, especially for the parents of the bride. Then for the bride, there's the wedding night...

The lyrics for Hora Miresei are beautiful and poignant, and the story told from the viewpoint of her mother. She wants to prolong what little time she has left with her daughter.  Here are the lyrics so you can sing along.

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