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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Modern Versions of Traditional Bulgarian Folk Songs Part 3

It's interesting to hear how different people interpret the same song.

One of my favorite folk songs, Kune Mome has more than one interpretation. It is a song about a man smitten by a young woman (but why does he want her to drink wine and rakia?)

The first recording is the traditional version, which, from the sound of it, dates from the 1950's. The singer is Kaicho Kamenov, who lived from 1923-1983 (source Bulgarian Wikipedia); he was a native of the northwest region of Bulgaria. 

The second is a modern interpretation by brass band. By the way, the dance done to this is rachenitsa (apple-apple pineapple). For you music theorists out there, the top number on the time signature is a seven.

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There is a sequel, Modern Versions of Traditional Bulgarian Folk Songs, Part 2, featuring the group Diva Reka (they were on the Bulgarian dance reality show Nadigrame.)

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