Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bulgarian Folklore and Pop Culture

Today's topic is Bulgarian Folklore in Pop Culture. It has a way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Video #1 of consists of several excerpts from a chick flick...(you know the kind of movie that women love and guys love to hate). The movie is The Prince and Me 3. After I read the synopsis, I noticed it was set in an imaginary country called Belavia. Those of us who know and love Bulgarian folklore were not so easily fooled. The dance sequences were probably the best part of the film.

I have never seen an octopus dance. With the number of legs they have, it would probably be a difficult feat at best. Here is a delightful blend of folklore and pop culture in a song about the prophecies of Paul the Octopus during this past summer's World Cup. It's called the Oktopod Rachenitsa.

Paul lived in an aquarium in Germany and his claim to fame was picking the winning teams that the Germans played against at the 2010 World Cup. German soccer fans went ballistic when Paul picked Spain as the winner in the final; they were ready to sentence him to death by frying.,,5775630,00.html

Fortunately for Paul, his life was spared, and he died of natural causes in late October. On a clear night you can see him in the Great Celestial Ocean as the constellation Pulpo, where, rumor has it, there is a possibility of extraterrestrial life. Don't be surprised if you meet an alien who looks like an octopus one of these days, he is probably one of Paul's friends :)

The song Sadi Moma is about a girl who plants grapevines, and a young soldier who gets drunk from too much wine. The one who plants the grapevine is the one who rules the world :) There is also a dance done to this song.

Someone out there was feeling a little creative (probably after several glasses of wine) and used the music to write a little ditty about free software.

For more on Bulgarian folklore, pop culture, and the travels of Bulgarian folk music around the world, read:

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