Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Folk Ensembles Named After Dances

You can find almost anything on the Universe of YouTube, and what I've discovered is that there are quite a few folk ensembles named after dances.

The first group, Ciuleandra, is from Vancouver Island in Canada. The song Ciuleandra is very popular with folk dancers around the world, and it's from an old recording by Maria Tanase, a Romanian pop-folk singer who died in 1963. This ensemble performs their signature dance, followed by a couple dance.

For more on Maria Tanase, click here:


Tropanka from SAP Labs in Bulgaria is a group of colleagues who have an interest in folk dancing, and they are quite good. I've seen a few of their videos on YouTube and I get the impression morale at this company is quite high, judging from their participation in company sponsored activities. Tropanka is a dance from the region of Dobrudja (northeast Bulgaria). This group performs it along with two other popular Bulgarian dances, Pravo Horo and Graovsko Horo.

Trite Puti is the name of a folk ensemble, a dance school in Sofia, and a popular folk dance from the central Bulgarian region of Thrace. Here the group is participating in an amateur folk dance competition held annually in Sofia. The first dance is Trite Puti, and the one immediately following is Chetvorno Horo.

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  1. I was brought into the world by a Romanian midwife, so it is very nice to get to see and hear the traditional dance and music once in a while! Happy new year, Katley! :)