Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Alien Diaries Presents: Odds, Ends, Bits, Pieces, and Even More Cool Stuff (from the Universe of YouTube)

The things that stand out are often the oddities.
Pierre Salinger

Today's post features more odds and ends from the Universe of You Tube. I hope you enjoy them.

There are some amazing Romanian folk musicians in the first video.  Anyone who can play a tune on a bottle of booze deserves my respect! Afterwards, he drinks the contents, a distilled spirit called tuica.

The second part of this video is a tune called Ciocarlia (The Lark) and the music coming out of that panpipe is definitely for the birds :)  Check out the interaction between the panpipe player and the violinist.

For more information on Romanian distilled spirits (according to the article it's related to slivovitz) check out this link.

One of my dance buddies forwarded this to me via e-mail. This is the Sirtaki from Zorba the Greek, conducted by Andre Rieu. He and his orchestra have an unconventional approach approach to concerts: dancing and audience involvement are allowed and encouraged. There is no stuffiness at these events, this group is dancing in the aisles. Andre Rieu's concerts usually feature music from the Viennese composers of the Hapsburg era: Strauss, Lehar and Kalman. (Actually the last two composers were Hungarians.)

You can read more about Andre Rieu here:

The final video is a very energetic approach to Bulgarian rachenitsa. Do not try this at home :)

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More Odds and Ends from the Universe of You Tube

Check out the Muppets dancing to Never on Sunday, among other things.

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