Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nusha, A Family Music Project with Neli Andreeva and her Daughters

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. (proverb, origin unknown)

Neli Andreeva, best known for the song Malka Moma, has two very talented daughters. The trio call themselves "Nusha" and the folk song in the video is Dambara Dumbara. It describes a hard working turtle who runs into lots of obstacles.

I wonder if someone was giving a lesson on food groups before this performance (see poster on the left side of this video) If so, why was it in English, and is turtle meat listed in the protein group?

You can read more on Nusha, the family project, here:

Mom is a talented musician in her own right. Here she performs Malka Moma (little girl) with the Filip Kutev ensemble.

Want to find out more about Bulgarian singing? Even in a small country like Bulgaria there are several distinct regional styles.  There is also advice on how to get back at neighbors who play loud, obnoxious music late at night. Read more here.

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Family resemblances apply to dances as well as people.

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