Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two Variations on a Bulgarian Folk Dance: Rachenitsa na Horo

Welcome to the Different Village, where dances with different music and different steps have the same name. Today's dance is Rachenitsa Na Horo, from Bulgaria. The rachenitsa is the national dance of Bulgaria. It is very versatile in that it can be done solo, in couples and in a group.  The dance is in 7/8 rhythm with this pattern: apple-apple-pineapple.   Today's post features the group version: "na horo."

Version One is the one popular with folk dance groups in the United States.  Check out the woman hamming it up for the camera at the very beginning of the video. Part of the dance is done holding hands, part of it is "disconnected."

Version Two is video of a costumed folk dance group performing in France.  This is an easier variation and I learned it very quickly.  The introduction is rather long, though, the dance starts at 1:05. The woman leading twirls a handkerchief:  the word "rachenitsa" means "little handkerchief."

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