Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dancing Through The Alphabet: Letter U

This week's dance is Užicka Carlama from the Sumadija region of Serbia. There aren't too many dances from the Balkans that begin with the letter U (with the exception of U Sest, which is probably one of the most popular dances in Serbia).

You've probably noticed I've featured two Serbian dances in two weeks. Next week's dance will be from a different country so you won't think this blog is stuck in central Serbia.

Some additional notes for  Uzicka Carlama can be found here. Notice the heel clicks; the notes describe it as a dance with "movements that were fun to do in boots."

This group is from Toronto, Canada.

Since the word "carlama" is derived from the Turkish "to strike" this week's bonus video is the "world's fastest 300 game." For those who aren't knowledgeable about the sport of bowling, 300 is a perfect game (twelve strikes in a row).  The reason this guy can do it so fast is that he has the entire bowling alley to himself.  In an actual game, he would be using two lanes and waiting for the pins to reset, which could get really boring after a while. He would also be playing against a competitor and you'd probably go to sleep before the game is over unless you're a true bowling aficionado.

Bowling is one of the few sports that's fun because you can get rid of stress without hurting anyone.  In that respect it's a lot like Romanian folk dancing (stamp, stamp, stamp).

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