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Balkan Dances that Are Often Confused Part 10: Cigansko Horo and Ciganko

I never want to confuse people or go over their heads.
Wiz Kalifa

Today's post involves two dances with sound-alike names, different music, and different choreographies.  It's enough to make anyone confused.

Video #1 is Cigansko Horo (translation: Gypsy Dance).  Gypsy is the politically incorrect term for Roma people,  The Roma do not use this word when referring to themselves. People used to think that the Roma were from Egypt. The word "gypsy" is a corruption of "Egyptian."

The Roma originally came from India and migrated west to Europe.There have been genetic and linguistic studies that traced their ancestry to the Indian Subcontinent. Roma people have made numerous contributions to Balkan music; two well-known examples are: Esma Redzepova, singer (who passed away last December) and Boris Karlov, accordionist.

Cigansko is a variation of the dance Chichovo Horo.  Chichovo is part of the Cocek family of dances popularized by Roma people in the Balkans. Are you confused yet?

Video #2 is the dance Ciganko.  If you are a frequent visitor to The Alien Diaries, you will recognize the voice of Daniel Spasov in the song. It is about a man hopelessly in love with a Roma woman. Spasov is a Bulgarian folk singer and a co-host (with Milen Ivanov) of the weekly program on Bulgarian TV: Ide Nashenskata Muzika, which features musicians and dancers from different folklore regions of Bulgaria.

The Sunday night group that I dance with has been working on this dance for a couple of months.  I think I finally have it memorized.

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