Monday, December 18, 2017

Variations on the Romanian Folk Dance Florecica

In the range of music that we play - roughly 300 years' worth-there really are more similarities than differences.
Esa-Pekka Salonen

Today's post features two Florecica dances with different music and different choreography performed by a group of dancers from Boulder, Colorado.

Video #1 is the version familiar to most folk dancers, Florecica Olteneasca. The best description of it is a Sârba on steroids.  A Sârba is a Romanian folk dance related to the Bulgarian Pravo Horo and the Serbian Čačak. The dance is from the region of Oltenia in southern Romania.

The first part of the dance, which is relatively easy, consists of Sârba choreography (the spelling Sirba is also used).

This video took place at a Romanian festival in Boulder, Colorado, and the dancers are from the Hora Romaneasca dance group  The musical accompaniment for this dance is known by the politically incorrect name of Jew's Harp (drîmba is the name in Romanian). The other instrument is a kobza.

Video #2 is the same group performing Florecica #2.  Like the previous video you can hear the "chatter" in the background.  This is also a fast dance done in Sârba  rhythm, punctuated by shouts from the leader. The opposing lines at 0:52 remind me of a Bulgarian dance, Sitna Zborernka.

This version of Florecica is played on violins, cimbalom and panpipes.

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