Sunday, January 21, 2018

Variations on the Bulgarian Folk Dance Bregovsko Horo

Today's post features two variations of the dance Bregovsko Horo. It is from the town of Bregovo in northwestern Bulgaria, near the borders of Romania and Serbia.  The dance is fast, in 2/4 and has Vlach and Serbian elements.  The flute solo (in Version #1 and Version #2sounds like a frula, a traditional Serbian musical instrument.

Our group calls Bregovsko the "One Figure Čačak".  Čačak is a dance from Serbia that has migrated across borders.  You can dance Sirba, a Romanian dance, to Čačak music!

Version #1 is the one more familiar to recreational folk dancers. The first time I heard it I thought it was Serbian!

Version #2 is the same music with a slight variation of the steps. The group is from Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.  If you check out their other videos, you will see they are also into English Country Dance, which is not my thing. I know a number of people who are into both Balkan dance as well as English country.

Version #3 is the same choreography as Version #1, to different music. I like the exuberance in this group. The dancers are from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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