Thursday, December 20, 2018

Folk Dance Holiday Parties

The real friends are the ones who celebrate with you.
Ella Purnell

Today's post features dance parties with a holiday theme. It doesn't matter which holiday you celebrate as long as it falls in December.

Video #1 is a lively Romanian dance, Briuletul, performed by the International Folk Dancers of Ottawa, Canada.

Koleda wouldn't be fun without a lot of loud noise (to chase away the evil spirits) and dancers in elaborate embroidered costumes. After the noise, there's Shopsko Horo (0:39) and at 2:06 the kids dance a rachenitsa for three. The video ends with a fancy men's pravo .This group is from St. Louis, in the USA.

Video #3 is about 20 minutes long and features the folk ensembles listed below. See below for the order in which they appear: 

Dancers: RIPNI KALINKE, San Jose, MARTENICHKI Family Group, ANTIKA Folk Ensemble, San Francisco, TANYA KOSTOVA, Founder, Artistic Director


Notice the ugly Christmas sweaters in the first group, doing a daichovo. (0:20 to 3:47) There is also a dancer wearing a Santa hat, not a part of the traditional Bulgarian folk costume.  Other familiar dances include: Padjusko at 2:55,  Trite Puti at 11:35, Rhodope Pravo at 14:35, and Graovsko Horo at 19:40.

This party took place in the San Francisco area of California.

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