Friday, February 1, 2019

Dancing in Elevens

Why do we believe that in all matters the odd numbers are more powerful?
Pliny the Elder

Odd number rhythms are prevalent in Balkan dance. Today's post features dances in 11/8 and 11/16 (the 11/16 is faster).

Video #1 is the dance Isu Bialo Nedo.  This is a slow 11/8.  The rhythm isn't obvious, but if you listen carefully it's there.

Video #2 is the familiar Boris Karlov version of Gankino Horo. This dance uses the basic kopanitsa step.  The rhythm is a fast 11/16 and a lot less subtle than in Video #1.

Video #3 is a dressed-up Thracian Kopanitsa. It starts with a slow, synchronized walk, then a running step that reminds me of the dance Jove Male Mome followed with some fancy footwork.  The dancers make it look easy. The rhythm is 11/16.

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  1. Thank you for posting the reference to Isu Bialo Nedo, which I did not know. We will definitely make it part of our dances (Indy IFD).

  2. Thanks for the read. This dance has been a part of our repertoire for a while. Happy Dancing!