Monday, September 6, 2010

Is this small, quiet New England community prepared for a Bulgarian invasion?

A small, quiet new England community will become an unlikely venue for a group of Bulgarian musicians. One of the oldest settlements in Connecticut, Wethersfield was founded by the Puritans, who would have totally disapproved of this kind of entertainment. They will be looking on from Above, shaking their heads as they behold all the wickedness going on. Men and women joining hands and dancing is the Devil's work and must be stopped :)

The Temple Beth Torah, where the event is being held, is pretty cool about the idea, since the event is being held in one of their community rooms.

Kabile, a wedding band from Thrace, has been invited to play at a dance party held by the Always on Sunday Folk Dance Group.

The quiet residential neighborhood, which folds up the sidewalks after 7 p.m. will become a hotbed of activity and resound with the rhythm of horo and rachenitsa. Parking will be almost impossible to find, and hopefully the local police have been notified that things will be a little crazy in town the evening of September 12.

The residents of Wethersfield, who have most likely have not been exposed to this kind of entertainment (except for folk dancers who live in the Hartford area), will probably wonder if an alien invasion has occurred when they see the musicians dressed up in elaborate embroidered costumes carrying their "instruments of mass destruction." And yes, that includes a bagpipe (gaida) and a formidable female voice.

It will be an interesting evening :)

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