Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

(photo from Wikipedia commons)

Wishing all my readers a Happy Easter! Today's post will focus on Easter eggs, since they are so popular in Easter celebrations around the world.

Here are some beautiful Bulgarian Easter eggs from the Universe of YouTube:

Although it's a lot of work making them, if you're interested, this video will show you how: (Note: the music in this video is not Bulgarian, but Serbian, but that's OK, they do a fantastic job with those eggs!)

Although eggs can be many different colors (and some are multi-colored), according to tradition, at least a few must be dyed red. The red is the symbol for the blood of Jesus, who died on the cross on Good Friday, and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday. Easter is a holiday celebrating new life and the Resurrection, and the most important festival in the Eastern Orthodox church. The Easter egg tradition was originally of pagan origin, and later incorporated into Christian celebrations.

There are some beautiful Easter eggs on the Bulgarian National Radio's website, along with some information on the holiday and some great music.

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  1. so beautiful..there is magic in the ellipse symbol, a womb of love perhaps, and colors revive these submerged feelings from within, a true personal revival in a busy world.
    flowers to you and yours my friend..