Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The End of the World Doomsday Post

But it is a delightful challenge to try to depict interesting aliens.
David Brin

Is the end of the world at hand? Are UFO sightings connected with the end of the world and a possible takeover by aliens?  

According to the Doomsday Prophets and the Mayan Calendar, the world is supposed to end on December 21st. And no one knows exactly how it's going to happen. Fire, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters are some of the events being predicted for this day, as well as a possible alien takeover.

We have had enough natural disasters to last a lifetime, so I hope it won't be any of those. However, with the world in the state it is, an alien takeover wouldn't be a bad thing. According to the Bulgarian National Radio, they are already living among us.

Maybe it's those dancers in the elaborate embroidered costumes. Bring them on!

Bulgarians are not averse to the idea of alien visitors judging from what I've read on the BNR website. This translation was taken directly from the Vidin affiliate and dated July 24, 2012:

UFO over house meetings in Novo Selo

An unusual phenomenon witnessed residents of Novo Selo on the eve of the traditional council. Apparition lasted 6 minutes, was observed near the new museum of the village, called House of meetings. Witnessed the unusual phenomenon occurred ten women who had gathered outside their homes, every night during the summer. Object that was the size of a soccer ball, appeared in the East and had stopped over the house meetings. After several minutes, the field is headed for the Danube.

Another time in this region of Novo Selo have observed similar phenomena were strong witnesses of the phenomenon. Despite a great life experience, women have so far not witnessed such events. Some were quick to explain the unusual event with the opening of the meeting house as a sign that the acquisition is expected and will be useful for Novo Selo.

the link to the source can be found here:

Computerized translations can get a little weird...if there are any Bulgarian speakers fluent in English,  please let me know if this one was accurate.

The second is from a blog about UFO's (in English.) I couldn't verify it with any Bulgarian sources; this event supposedly took place in March of 2012 in Kozloduy (the actual post was dated April 1, 2012.)  Maybe it was an April Fool's joke.  Who knows?

And finally, another sighting, dated November 25, 2012 in the town of Lom. There was interference with the TV transmissions and interruptions in the electricity  This was reported to Novinite, a news source from Sofia, Bulgaria.  As for this being an actual UFO, this remains to be proved; the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has to check it out first.

Judging from the frequency of UFO sightings in northwestern Bulgaria, extraterrestrials may be attracted to this area because of their folk music. There is an otherworldliness to this beautiful and poignant song, performed by Kaicho Kamenov; the UFO's have been seen flying over the Danube. Maybe the aliens are attracted to water.  And on foggy days, you can see all kinds of strange things :)

The world may not end on December 21st, and if it does I'll be at a folk dance.  The aliens will know where to find me.  The music will guide them :)  And if you do see any UFO's that day please let me know in the "comments" section. 

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