Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Best of Ensemble Lado from Croatia

I like surprises.
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The Universe of You Tube never fails to surprise me.

Today's post features some goodies from Lado, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia. They are a group of over fifty dancers and musicians and their repertoire includes all the folklore regions of Croatia.

The ensemble was founded in Zagreb in 1949 and has been performing for 67 years. In this post you will see some samples of them in action. If you like tamburitza music and choral singing you will love Lado.

Croatians usually sing and dance at the same time.  The most popular dance is the kolo, which they do in circles and serpentine lines.  They are also big on call and response songs and tamburitza music.

The medley in Video #1 is from the region of Posavina.

Video #2 is from the town of Valpovo, in the region of Slavonia.  The women's costumes are colorful, ornate, and how many petticoats are they wearing?

Video #3 is of a dance called Drmes.  It is a kolo with a "shaking" motion. There are many versions of this dance in Croatia and you can read a description of one here.  

Video #4 is song/dance medley from the Baranja region of Croatia.  There is also a district in Hungary with the same name. Oftentimes, names cross borders, another example is Dobrudja in Bulgaria and Dobrogea in Romania.

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